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December 11, 2012
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I was in the middle of trying to get the bit in the mouth of the irritated horse when my name was called...loudly at that.

"What!?" i yelled impatiently.

"__(n)__!!! Mr. Sebastian wants you!" Finni yelled loudly as he ran towards the horse barn.

"I'll be right there." i said, hanging the halter on the hook and jogging over to the house....Mansion.

I was the newest servant to the Phantomhive family...Apparently the head of the house decided he needed a stable hand. I was suited for the job...not just the horse job. I used to be an undercover asassin. I was about to be hung...literally. I was on the platform. Rope hanging feet away. When the mysterious butler, dressed in black appeared and brought me back with him to the Phantomhive manor. I suspected things of course, i was naturally suspicous of the butler who could do almost any task given to him...but he saved me. So he couldnt be all bad. So i didnt accuse him.

The reason all the other servants were there...was to protect the young master, Ciel Phantomhive. We all had our own specialties. Mey Rin was the best sniper i'd ever seen. Finni's strength was absolutely amazing, and Bard was a gunman. Me? I was the sneaky one. I coukd be sitting 2 feet behind you in a dark forest and no one would see me. Thats why Sebastian hired me. I posed as a stable hand. As the others posed as servants. For the young master's sake.

I ran into the house and went to the main hall where Sebastian waited patiently for me.

"There you are __(n)__. I'm going to need a favor" he sighed.

"What is it?" i questioned, i knew very well that the other servants were completely uncapable of doing anything servant-like and i was called in to help Sebastian clean up after them.

"Mey Rin broke the new tea set. Bard blew up the kitchen, and Finni destroyed the garden. Could you possibly ride into town and pick up the new cups i have on order? And pick up the things on this list while your at it?" he asked. Passing me a piece of paper with an adress written on the top. A shopping list on the bottom. And a pouch of money.

"Sure Sebastian. No problem. Anything else while i'm at it?" i asked.

"Not at the moment no. If i think of something i'll be sure to let you know" I nodded as i ran out the back door over to the barn. Finni was waiting for me.

"Where are you headed __(n)__?" he asked.

"Town, Sebastian asked me to pick up some things..." i mutterd as i got the bit into the horses mouth. He started chewing on it but i didnt care. I pulled on the saddle and tightend it. I put the saddle bags on it...i had a feeling i'd need them. I guided the black horse out into the sunlight.

"I'll be back later Finni...try not to spook the horses" i added.

"I wont!" he waved as i galloped around the front of the mansion. I got onto the road and began the ride into town. It took a good hour to get there, and half an hour to go around the market and pick everything up. Then i stopped at the china shop.

"Hello there __(n)__...another set get broken?" the cashier asked.

"You know it. Sebastian sent me to pick up the new one" i said.

"One moment..." the man dissipeared into the back room and came out with a box.

"I padded the box" I nodded in thanks before passing him the amount of money he asked for. With a wave. I took it back outside and carefully packed it in the saddle bag. I mounted the horse and began riding back down the lonely trail towards the Phantomhive manor. I got back to the manor in good time. I tied the horse up to the barn while i carried the packages inside.

"Sebastian!?" i yelled. He peeked his head out of the door to the kitchen.

"There you are __(n)__. Just on time as always" he smiled as he took the tea set from my arms and i carried the food.

"I'll start putting this away" i said. He nodded as he went back to cooking...dramaticly i might add. He announced each ingredient and instruction as he cooked. I tucked my __(l)__, __(c)__ hair behind my ears as i put the food away. When Sebastian was done his cooking. He turned to me, smiling.

"Sometimes i think your the only one who actually does anything productive" He said, I chuckled.

"Thanks" i said.

"I think your in for a raise" he said.

"I dont need it" He was slightly taken aback by this.

"Why ever not?" he asked.

"I dont need it. I'm perfectly content with my life as it is. Money just makes people greedy. Does it not?" i asked. Sebastian blinked in confusion a few times before smiling.

"Always the sensible one..." just then the summoning bell rang.

"Oh dear, i'm not finished with dinner yet....Could you go check what the young master wants?" he asked me.

"Sure. I'll be right back" i said as i walked out of the room. When i was around the corner, i heard Sebastian sigh.

"Humans...I dont understand them" he said. I chuckled.

"And you never will" i added. I knew he heard me. He had ears like a cat. I continued up the steps and knocked on the door.

"Come in" came the familar voice. I opend the door and walked in.

"Oh, __(n)__. Where is Sebastian?" he asked.

"He's cooking dinner. Young master. He sent me" i said.

"Allright then...Tell him to send you up with a piece of cake..." i cut him off.

"It's too close to dinner master" i said. He looked irritated.

"I'm the master of this house and i want cake" he said.

"After dinner. Young master" i said. He glared at me sharply before chuckling.

"You remind me too much of Sebastian __(n)__. " Ciel said.

"Thank you young master" I said.

"...As long as you make your special strawberry fudge with it" he added.

"Yes." i bowed my head and began to walk to the door. Sebastian was waiting. He smirked.

"My prodigy" He said. I laughed.

"I try my best" i replied.

"Come help me prepare dinner?" he asked. I nodded.

"Even if it means listening to every single ingredient and instruction" i added. I thought i heard him chuckle. But i wasnt sure.

Later that night. I was out in the barn. Feeding the horses when Sebastian came to see me.

"Hello Sebastian" i said. The moment he stepped into the barn.

"Hello __(n)__....I wanted to ask you something" he said.

"What is it?" i asked. Rubbing the nose of the horse i rode into town earlier that day.

"When i said i didnt understand do realize what that meant?" he asked.

"Yea. Your inhuman" i said.

"And that dosent disturb all?" he asked.

"Should it?" i inquired.

"Well, yes...but that wasnt what i wanted to talk to you about." he said.

"What did you mean when you said. 'And you never will?'" he asked.

"Each individual human is different. Unlike animals. We dont just rely on instinct. We rely on reason. You can usually tell what a human will do...but it's never always what you expect. Get me?" i asked. He nodded.

"I see. Humans are strange creatures." he said.

"That reminds me, what are you anyway?" i asked casually. As if i was asking how his day went.

"...A demon" A few crows cawed loudly in the distance.

"Makes sense if you think about it." i said.

"Really?" he asked. "Enlighten me"

"It's quite obvious you werent human by the tasks you did. I've been watching you closely every since you saved me. It's obvious Ciel traded his soul for your protection...I'm unsure of what he wants. But i'm willing to bet it's revenge" i said. Sebastian seemed surprised.

"Yes. Your right" he said. I smiled. In one quick move. He walked closer, cupping my cheek with a hand.
"I dont know what it is about confuse me. Yet you attract me at the same time. But your human. I've never liked a human so much, simply for their personality....Your one of a kind __(n)__" With that. He stooped down and kissed my lips gently. I kissed back slightly. When he leaned back. His eyes glowed blood red, his pupils slanted.

"A beautiful soul as well....You'd make a good Demon." he said. I rose an eyebrow.

"Are you offering?" i asked. He smiled.

"Maybe i am...Maybe i am not"
Another one done! I was seriously thinking of doing this tomorrow but i still havent decided which anime to watch next. So i decided i'd get another request done. This was requested by :iconalizeartemis3721: I know it isnt exactly what you asked for. But it's pretty close! I hope you enjoy it!

__(l)__ -Length

I am taking requests for these, i also do Beyblade/Wheelz/Zero G ,Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, OHSHS (Ouran Highschool Host Club) and FMA. Just leave a comment, i also love feedback!

Black Butler (C) Yana Tsoboso (sp?)
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