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"So, do you remember your assignment?" Matthew, or one of the two leaders of the dominators, asked the young Navy haired boy.

"Locate the objective and try to recruit them, if they refuse, take them in by force, but by no means let the objective run away" David repeated to his commander.

"Good, now off you go, and i expect to see you with the objective before tomorrow" his commander said as he dismissed him.

"What's so special about this guy that they have to send me in there?... And use force? If recruits refuse then we let them go..." David mutterd to himself as he exited the building. He turned and walked casually down the street, sticking to the shadows.

"Who is this guy?"

A young girl of about 15 slinked into an abondoned house in the bad side of town, she shut the door and locked it tight with a padlock, she slipped the key back on a chain around her neck and hid it under her shirt. It was freezing outside, a few stray snowflakes dropped every few seconds and the girl could see her breath escaping into the air. She turned and slipped silently up the stairs and into an abondoned bedroom. In the room was an old matress laying on the floor, a dead flashlight lay abandoned on the floor and a few books were piled neatly beside the dresser, a sketchpad and a few mismatched pencils lay atop it. The girl dropped her bag on the floor as she relocked another padlock and peeked out the blinds, after she convinced herself that no one was spying she turned and looked into the closet, a small gray puppy sprang from the dark confines of the closet and tackled the girl. She laughed as it started licking her face, she giggled quietly as she sushed the puppy, she drew half a raw steak from the back and put it in the puppy's bowl, he trotted over and began tearing into the meat.

"Good pup, eat up so you'll grow into a big strong wolf" she smiled as she pet his head. He barely aknowledged she was there. She smiled as she drew a small lump of bread from her bag and bit down on it, a bit stale, she thought, but edible. She finished it and washed it down with a swig of water.

"Sometimes it's hard to be an orphan...Right Breeze?" the wolf pup barked once before continuting to eat his meat.

All of the sudden, a loud bang sounded from the front door, almost automaticly, the girl rose and shoved all her books, sketch pad's and pecils in a small cubby beneath the floor, she put her bag in there too along with Breeze's dish. She gatherd the puppy up in her arms and opend the window and slipped through, she saw a Navy haired boy breaking down the door with what looked like a bey, she glanced for half a second before climbing up the broken firescape and getting onto the roof, zipping the bottom half of her jacket shut and sticking the puppy inside, she made a running jump to the next building over. She landed skillfully and as quiet as a cat. She kept running along the rooftops with a small ash gray wolf pup tucked into her jacket. She finally made it 5 houses down and scaled quickly down the fire escape. She shot out into the next street over and started a complicated weave of paths as she went in and out of alleys and into and out of old houses, just incase she had dogs after her, it wouldnt have been a first. She was almost out of town and into the forest when a golden Beywheel caught up to her.

"Hey you! Wait a minute!" a voice yelled from behind her, she kept going. "Wait a sec!" The guy yelled again but she never stopped. "I'm just looking for someone! Could you stop for a second!?" the guy yelled again as the bey rounded to her front and circled her, cutting off her escape. She turned to come face to face with the Navy haired boy.

The first thing that David noticed about the __(c)__ haired girl was how her strange __(c)__ eyes regarded him with a mixture of fear and curiosity, mixed with the impluse to bolt. In her old fur jacket, a small ash gray pup regarded him with the same look, but with strange yellow eyes.

"I'm looking for a person known as Swift...Do you happen to know anyone by that name?" He asked her, she was shocked, but none of this showed on her face.

"Sorry no, it dosent sound familar" She said. David's eyes strayed to the pup.

"Cute dog, is he yours?" he asked as he rubbed the wolf pup's small head. He growled and bit the intruders fingers, he chuckled. "Fiesty little fella" He said, when the dog felt no fear from his owner, he let David rub it's head.

"So, why are you looking for this Swift?" the girl questioned. He sighed.

"My boss orderd me to find him, i have till tomorrow and so far i've seen or heard nothing...Apparently he's very elusive...No wonder i cant find him" David chuckled. "So, what's your name?" he asked curiously. She saw no harm in giving him her name...he thought Swift was a boy afterall, she smiled slightly at the picture of seeing herself as a boy.

"I'm called __(fn)__. Who are you might i ask?" __(fn)__ asked.

"My name's David, So, __(fn)__. Do you live around here?" David asked her, he didnt suspect a thing, just making polite conversation.

"Yea, my parents are kinda poor so we have to live in the bad side of town....So, is that your bey?" __(fn)__ asked, gesturing to the golden bey, still spinning around her.

"Oh yea, this is Savage Blade Herculeo. Are you a wheeler?" David questioned, __(fn)__ sighed.

"Nope, I've always wanted a bey though...could never afford one" that was half true...she didnt have the money for a bey, but the weight in her right pocket said that lack of money never stopped her before.

"Well, i'd better be off. I have to go take Breeze for a walk in the woods" she replied, Placing the pup on the ground.

"It was good meeting you __(fn)__....See you around?" David asked, smiling. She smiled back.

"Sure David, see ya round!" She turned and walked towards the woods, whistling to Breeze as she went. David stared after he for a moment before remembering his task and going back on the search.

When __(fn)__ was in the safety of the woods, she let out a large breath, "That was a close one eh Breeze? He was looking for Swift and she was right infront of him...And he thought Swift was a dude! Imagine that" she chuckled as she ran after Breeze who was off on the hunt. She kept up easily, for the name wasnt just for show.

David reported in not long after meeting with the mysterious girl __(fn)__.

"I need more leads to go on sir...i've checked everywhere and cant find a single sign." David said and Matthew sighed in annoyance.

"Lucky for you we just squeezed some info out of one of Swift's partners. He wouldnt reveal much, but we managed to find out that Swift is actually female" That was a shock to David.

"Swift. The legendary speed blader is a Girl?" David asked, he was completely awestruck.

"Yes....Also that she is very young for her status...Around your age apparently" Matthew said, David was starting to piece things together.

"Does this Swift have an aquaintance named Breeze?" David asked, narrowing his eyes as he thought of the ash gray wolf pup.

"Yes actually, how did you know?" Matthew asked.

"...She was right under my nose...I was talking to her just a few hours ago. She was my age, __(c)__ hair and weird __(c)__ eyes. She had a small gray dog with was small though. She had called it Breeze" David said. Matthew typed something on the computer and a picture came up on the corner of the videophone.

"Is this the girl?" Matthew asked.

"...Thats her allright, younger albeit but definitly her" David replied, his fists were clenched. She was right infront of him! Her lies were perfect! Not even a blink out of place!

"Apparently her name is __(fn)__ __(ln)__. As of 5 years ago an Orphan. She's been living by skipping towns and making use of her homemade beywheel.... it's a speed type bey, called ____ ____ __(bw)__. Before now, the only was of reconising her is by her wheel, It's a special metal alloy, extremely light with rubber treads, It has a series of spikes shooting out of the spirit shield and even more form the custom attack gear, they appear to me made of steel nails, welded perfectly to the wheel and sanded till there was no resistance. It's quite impressive" Matthew drifted off into dreamland and David cleared his throat.

"I'll go after her immediately sir" David said, getting back on track.

"Ah, yes. Go now and bring her back. Now that you know who she is you shouldnt have trouble catching her" Matthew said. David nodded and ran back into the alley.

__(fn)__ was back in her place, watching the door like a hawk for intruders, Breeze was watching the back alley door, her pencil scratching gently against her sketch pad. She had two wicked sharp daggers hidden in her coat and her beywheel tucked safely in her sleeve, ready for use at a moments notice, The snow was falling harder by now, she had exchanged her fur sweater for a heavier jacket, for warmth and to keep the knives hidden, she ran her fingers down __(bw)__'s spines, her bey was the wickest you could find in the whole city, and she was going to use it if she was forced to. Who was this boss David talked about? And what did he want with her...Suddenly Breeze growled. "Allright bud, time for flight"

David walked right in the building, he had been combing abandoned buildings all afternoon and it was getting tiresome, he rememberd smashing the lock on this house juyst a few hours ago, there was nothing. But he had to check again. He went up the stairs and into the room...fortunately for David, apparently whoever had been there never had time to hide their belongings because a sketchpad sat atop the matress, thrown askew as if the occupant was in a hurry to get out of there, he went over to the sketchpad and flipped it open, inside were various sketches of the ash gray wolf pup Breeze. This was definitly Swift's hideout allright....he was debating how she could've hidden all her stuff so quick when he stumbled upon the latest unfinished was of him. The basic lines were down and she seemed to have just begun the shading when she had to throw it aside to escape, his name was scrawled along the bottom of the page along with something written in inverted letters, some right side up, some upsidown, some backwards and some barely decipherable, when he finally decoded it, it read..."Hey David, sorry i couldnt be here, bet you feel stupid huh? Hope you like your picture, sorry i couldnt finish it. Swift~" David cursed and was about to rip the book in half...but he decided against it and rolled it up and stuck it inside his boot, he didnt know why but he felt as if he couldnt destroy the beautiful drawings within it. He ran outside and looked up, he barely caught it out of the corner of his eye, a small creature with it's muzzle up and pointing right to the moon, he looked right by and and when his eyes shot back it was gone. He quickly ran after what he thought he saw.

She sped along the rooftops, taking a more direct route towards the forest because she knew that David had no dogs, she knew he would've figured it out in time...he wasnt stupid. Breeze sped on beside her on all 4's. She lept onto a building and jogged along it's roof. It took less than 5 seconds to scent about 10 new scents and Breeze warned her, they veered off just as multiple BeyWheelz came speeding towards them. She dodged them with ease and lept onto the next roof, the beys followed. Their owners however, tried to make the jump that she made seem easy and they plunked down into the alley below...if memory served then they landed right in a dumpster. As if fate was against her that day, a helicopter swerved into view, a blue haired man hung from a harness, she bared her teeth in a snarl when she realized it was the DJ...and he no doubtably had a camera trained right on her, she pulled her hood up and reached into her sleeve and pulled out __(bw)__.

"Wow! Looks like the legendary speed blader, Swift is going to accept the challenge!" The DJ yelled from the copter. She wanted to yell at the man to shut it but she kept her mouth shut and fired,

"__(bw)__!" __(fn)__ yelled as the __(c)__ bey skidded around with much more speed and traction than should be possible. In 10 seconds, she had won against the mysterious bladers.

"WOW! Looks like Swift despatched the Dominators goons in less that 10 seconds! that was fast!...Looks like we have a newcomer now!...It's David of the Dominators! And he and Herculeo look ready to rumble!" DJ shouted.

Sure enough, Herculeo's golden sheen could be seen in the alley below. "Get down there __(bw)__. Distract Herculeo, then follow" __(fn)__ said as i veered away and me and Breeze were gone...but to everyone's surprise, __(n)__ was still fighting. Completely independent. After it had done it's job, the ghostly figure of __(n)__'s beyspirit disippeared down an alley. Herculeo persued it, so did David but to no avail. It was as if they dropped from the surface of the earth, giving up the search first, DJ left, leaving David to angrily search the alleys and buildings. He was about to break __(fn)__'s entire house down when he saw a small note on the door. He snatched the note and angrily scanned it, his face lightend up a bit as he read that she wasnt planning on leaving town any time soon. He still had a chance! He was about to turn around and leave when something dropped behind him, he wheeled, but was cut off instantly when he felt a pair of warm lips gently caressing his. His eyes snapped open, but as soon as they did, the soft pressure stopped, and __(fn)__ stood there, a smirk on her face.

"I win~" and she sped around the corner, a new note had been pressed into his hand, a small heart on it. And once again with those crude letters, it took him almost 10 minutes to decipher it. When he did, his cheeks reddend at the words on the page, what the page said...lets just say __(fn)__ fancied David much more than she let on.
ANOTHER IS DONE, As far as i can of the first BeyWheelz reader inserts on the world wide web...i could be wrong but i have yet to find one. This one is a David X Reader, inspired by a gift from :iconshadriaxoxo: it was a drawing of David, so now i'm here, it was fun to write, i didnt even have to force ideas out of my brain like i do when i dont like how a story is going. You are now very speedy and have a pet wolf named Breeze, your nickname is Swift because it just came to me. Ignore it if you dont like it. Hope you enjoy~

(For those of you who like beywheelz, i'm trying to post more stuff on it, if you wanna help, submit literature, pictures, anything about Beywheelz. They need more fanart!)

(fn) - first name
(ln) - ln
(c) - color
(bw) - beywheel

Glen X Reader -> [link]
Leon X Reader ->[link]
Odin X Reader ->[link]

I am taking requests for these, i also do
Beyblade/Wheelz ,Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, OHSHS (Ouran Highschool Host Club) and FMA. Just leave a comment, i also love feedback!

Beywheelz, David, Matthew, Dj (C) Owners (I think it's Nelvana?)
____ (C) You.
the Plot and Breeze (C) me.
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